ILLINOIS (NEXSTAR) — With the winter holidays right around the corner, drivers may see some vehicles traveling through Illinois without a front license plate attached. This may leave some travelers confused about whether that is allowed in Illinois.

According to state laws, if your vehicle is registered in Illinois and you are issued two plates at the time of registration, you are required to display two license plates, one on the front and one on the back.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office does not mention any specific exemptions on vehicle registration. However, several Illinois stations, including Nexstar affiliate WTVO, report there is legislation that could lead to the state lifting front license plate requirements in the future.

AutoList recently provided a list of each state that does not require a front license plate. Twenty states reportedly don’t require a front license plate. Vehicles registered in those are only required to have a rear license plate, even if traveling out-of-state.

Those looking for more information on license plate information can visit the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.