ST. LOUIS – After a soaking rain, scattered drizzle and colder winds will continue into the night as temperatures fall steadily through the 40s back to near freezing by Tuesday morning.

There are no winter precipitation concerns this evening. Damp roads will simply dry off and not freeze because of the recent warm weather. Tuesday will continue the cloudy trends, although some breaks are likely in the overcast during the afternoon and evening.

St. Louis radar: See a map of current weather here

Temperatures will top off in the mid-to-upper 40s. The weather system that brought us the rain Sunday night will do a full loop and come back for a second pass Wednesday, this time with somewhat colder air. This will lead to scattered rain and snow showers on Wednesday.

Temperatures will be above freezing so even where snow does fall, there is likely to be only a very brief or minor accumulation on grassy surfaces, with roads staying just wet. The best description is to call these flakes “mood flakes” to remind us that we are really in winter! The precipitation potential shuts down for the rest of the week, with slightly above-normal temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s through New Year’s Day.