ST. LOUIS – The wintertime can be challenging and brutal for many, especially those who are unhoused. A St. Louis organization is asking for the public’s help with its coat drive and looking to offer the homeless a warm bed this winter. 

“This time of year is a real struggle,” said Cornelius Johnson. “In the summertime, you can hang out all night. In this time of year, you cannot hang out all night in this type of weather. So, it’s very important.”  

Sisters Mission, formerly known as the Little Sisters of the Poor, opens its doors, chapel, and even rooms for the homeless.  

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About 100 homeless people are staying at the shelter with a warm bed, but they are in desperate need of coats.  

“Right now, we’re in the wintertime,” said John Brencick, executive director of Sisters Mission. “We could use coats for some of the people so when they go out and try to work, they can have some protection from the cold.”  

Brencick said his mission is to try to get more people off the street. The organization can give them a place to live, and their four-acre building at 3225 North Florissant will be the center of the neighborhood.  

“Didn’t know if I was going to make it or not,” said Cynthia Fowler. “Got accepted, and it got me the medical help I needed. It got me a new place, and the people are wonderful people to work with. A lot of support.”  

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“We get three meals a day and a place to stay,” Johnson said. “It’s safe and warm, so yeah, there’s a lot of things to be grateful here.” 

The organization has a dog named Chip to keep an extra set of eyes for the people that make their way to Sisters Mission. 

“The residents love it, and it’s a pet therapy,” said Marycarol Govreau, of Sisters Mission. “Chip went to obedient school, and he just seems to really sense when people need some extra love.”  

To donate a coat, go to