ST. LOUIS – Police are investigating a spree of robberies and carjackings in St. Louis City since Monday afternoon in St. Louis City.

Authorities report at least three robberies at the following locations and times:

1400 block of Benton Street (4:30 p.m. Monday)Natural Bridge and Lambdin avenues (10:10 p.m. Monday)5900 block of Goodfellow Boulevard (12:30 a.m. Tuesday)

Authorities report at least three carjackings or attempted carjackings at the following locations and times:

6000 block of Waterman Boulevard (2:45 p.m. Monday)5600 block of Finkman Street (11:15 p.m. Monday)2700 block of Utah Avenue (12:20 a.m. Tuesday)

In all three carjacking attempts, the suspects either left off with the vehicle, personal items or both.

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The robbery victim at Goodfellow Boulevard was sent to a hospital for treatment, though her injuries appear non-life-threatening. Police say a group of suspects tried to steal a coat from the victim, a 19-year-old woman, before she was shot in the thigh. No other injuries have been reported from the incidents.

Police say a stick-shift vehicle thwarted the attempted carjacking at Finkman Street. However, three suspects took off in another vehicle with the victim’s keys to the car they attempted to steal.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating each of these robberies and carjackings. Investigators have not reported any suspect connections in the crimes.

If you have any information on these incidents, contact STLMPD at 314-231-1212.