ST. LOUIS – With the winter cold setting in, St. Louis City and County are launching full-scale shelter operations on Thursday, December 1, to help the unhoused.

Help can be just a phone call away. There are multiple shelters available for those who need assistance. Both St. Louis City and St. Louis County are offering places for people to go at all times starting Thursday and continuing into next March.

St. Louis City officials have said that they are working with St. Louis County and other agencies across the region to increase shelter beds and provide critical wraparound services to support the unhoused. Meals are also available at the city-funded shelters.

City officials shared that vulnerable residents can access more than 600 shelter beds, including 130 winter overflow beds. We’re told more beds should be available in the coming weeks.

City officials also said all city-funded shelters will remain open 24/7 from Thursday, December 1, through March 31, regardless of the temperature outside. The city is providing greyhound and metro passes to help people with transportation challenges reunite with their families as well.

In St. Louis County, a 24/7 warming shelter opens Thursday at The Salvation Army location at 10740 Page Avenue. That’s between Maryland Heights and Overland in unincorporated St. Louis County. It will remain open at all times through March 12. Again, no matter what the temperature is outside.

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Free hot meals, laundry facilities, and case management services will be provided.

FOX 2 spoke with the head of St. Louis City Department of Human Services Yusuf Scoggin about helping the unhoused.

“So as it relates to here in the city of St. Louis, we want to make sure people have accessibility to shelters nearby where they may be experiencing hardship,” Scoggin explained. “That means all shelters should not be located downtown. All shelters should not be located in North St. Louis. They should be everywhere. So that people can have an opportunity to be in the community which they love – be resourced where they’re located, and be able to get back on their feet right in that community, and that is what we’re committed to doing

Those who need help can call The United Way at 211 to find a shelter or other assistance.