ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – An infant died after ingesting fentanyl last month in north St. Louis County. Two adults now face criminal charges in her death.

Prosecutors have filed child endangerment charges against Amanda Tufts, 35, and James Collins, 25, in the child’s death. Lilinna Leak died at 21 months old after ingesting fentanyl. Police have not disclosed the relationship between the child and the two adults.

On Nov. 11, the St. Louis County Police Department responded to a call for a sick child in the 200 block of Northport Hills Drive. Officers found Leak unconscious and rushed her to a hospital for treatment, but she later died from her injuries.

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According to probable cause statements on Tufts and Collins, both told police they were aware that Leak ingested fentanyl and intentionally did not seek medical attention for her. Another toddler-age child at the home was exposed to controlled substances and other paraphernalia. Police later found powder residue, capsules and firearms inside the home.

Tufts and Collins are both jailed in St. Louis County without bond. Both will next appear in court on Dec. 8.

Medical professionals evaluated the second child at the home, who is reportedly in good health.