ST. LOUIS – Life finds a way, and so does Jurassic World Live. Find a way to entertain audiences of all ages.

There are dinosaurs and explosions to make you jump out of your seat. Don’t forget the choreography and flamethrowers and a familiar jeep that kept families and children entertained.

“These right here are the cast molds from all the movies that we were able to use to incorporate into the show to use for our dinosaurs as well,” Raptor in Show’s Jahleel Christian shared. “This one right here is our momma Steg. This is our raptor’s foot or one of the raptor’s feet. We get to work with the actual casts and molds like the life versions from movies that they made. I think that this is the most fantastic thing to see that this right here goes on this very life-sized dinosaur that we’re looking at and like, ‘Oh my gosh, we just have to stand and let it’s do its thing.’”

When getting a sneak peek at the show, one child screamed, “That’s a real dinosaur. It looks like a video game. Oh, there are baby dinosaurs.”

“I’m a Dino-teer,” Carlos Caraballo expressed. “That means I’m actually inside and bring to life one of the dinosaurs. So, this dinosaur is Jeanie. She’s the main character, and I’m actually inside during the scenes running and jumping and doing stunts and interacting with humans – all inside of a 100-plus pound dinosaur.”

Learning how to become a dinosaur is no easy task.

“Curiosity is a twist and back the other way,” Caraballo demonstrated how to move the dinosaur’s head. “Now we can take a deeper look by going back and then going forward.”

In Jurassic World Live, don’t forget pyrotechnics and action sequences, along with electric motorcycles jumping through the air.

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Calling on their catalog of movies, video games, and books to build an immersive world inside an arena for Feld Entertainment’s larger than life presentation. The Jurassic World dinosaurs take over the Enterprise Center December 16 through the 18.