CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Marquette High School have identified a student tied to a social media threat Friday afternoon. According to the district, the student might face criminal charges.

Marquette’s students and staff evacuated the building Friday after the Rockwood School District became aware of an “AirDropped social media threat.” Police also responded to a threat at the school one day earlier, though it’s unclear if the student accused in Friday’s threat is also tied to the other one. The school district has not disclosed the identity, age or gender of the accused student.

In regard to the recent threats, the school district informed parents of two reminders in a letter:

“We take threats toward student and staff safety very seriously, and we immediately investigate any allegation of a threat.””If students choose to share rumors of threats on social media, they will become part of an investigation and could be subject to discipline.”

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Marquette High School switched to virtual learning this holiday week after multiple threats were made on social media against the school.

“The decision to go virtual, it was one we do not take lightly,” said Dr. Curtis Cain, superintendent for Rockwood School District. “We take these things very seriously, it’s based off an abundance of concern for the emotional well-being for our students and staff.”

Chesterfield police responded to both threats last week. The school is expected to return to in-person learning after Thanksgiving break.

“I want people to know we are working with law enforcement and the investigation,” Cain said. “We want parents and students to feel comfortable. We are here if there are any questions or concerned. But if you see something, say something.”