LADUE, Mo. – Many families went to Tilles Park in Ladue on Friday for the first night of the Winter Wonderland.

“We have our daughters, and we’re out here to look at the lights and start out holiday season off,” said Amber Naumann.

The one-mile loop has a lot to see, including the 12 Days of Christmas, reindeer, snowflakes, and 200 miles of electrical cords lighting up strands across the park.

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“I quit counting at two million. If someone else wants to come out and give it a try, let me know what you get to,” said Maggie Martin, recreation events coordinator. “If you would line up the cords and wires and things here, you would go past Springfield, Missouri.”

Martin said the work started back in September.

“We’re constantly tweaking things and making sure things work,” she said. “God forbid there is wind, then we have to really going in and do stuff.”

Martin said every 10 minutes, another 175 people scan their tickets at the gate. Families said they just enjoy making memories while trying to stay warm.

“Three layers right now. For now, it is keeping me warm,” said Scott Naumann.