SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – With Amendment 3 passing in Missouri, doors will soon be opening for people to recreationally grow marijuana at home.

Employees at Harvest Grow Supply said they are starting to see more people, beginner and on, come into the store interested in marijuana cultivation and gardening.

“People just kind of want to know where they need to start, what they need to do to begin, and where things are kind of going from there,” said Owner Daniel Jalaly.

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A Springfield attorney with Carnahan Evans, Chip Sheppard, said certain rules need to be followed for those growing at home.”Now you’ve got to keep them out of sight,” said Sheppard. “They can’t be visible from any public property. They’ve got to be in a locked facility, just like they do now.”

Sheppard said what is done with home-grown marijuana is also important.

“I think the most important thing is people understand that for home grow like this, it’s not a commercially for sale,” said Sheppard. “It’s for your private use.”

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He said once people can register with the state, it will be $100 and will be valid for a year.

“You’ll have to fill out a registration form to be able to grow six flowering, six mature, and six clones if you just want to grow at home,” said Sheppard.

The state said it’s likely recreational marijuana will be available for purchase by February.