ST. LOUIS – St. Louis CITY SC has revealed its jersey ahead of the inaugural season and CITY 2’s inaugural soccer match at CITYPARK.

The team’s inaugural home jersey is primarily red with blue and yellow striping, representing the colors of the St. Louis City flag.

The team classifies the colors as City Red, River Blue and Energy Yellow. The bottom right of each jersey also has a small emblem of the St. Louis City flag.

Purina, a pet care producer based in St. Louis, is the primary sponsor of the jerseys with a logo on the center of the attire, just below the St. Louis CITY team logo. There is also Adidas and Apple TV sponsorship on various parts of the jersey.

“We hope that when you see the Purina logo, you feel a great sense of pride. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with consumers and pet lovers through the excitement of sports,” said Steve Degnan, Chief HR officer for Purina.

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“Our partnership with Purina is so much more than simply featuring an iconic logo on the kit. It is about sharing a mission together, highlighting what is so great in STL and this region and taking that message to soccer fans throughout the world,” said Dennis Moore,” Chief Revenue Officer for St. Louis CITY SC. “Additionally, this is about how pets improve our lives and bring happiness and joy to everything we do.”

The jerseys will not be worn by St. Louis CITY2, the franchise’s developmental team, during CITYPARK’s inaugural soccer match on Wednesday. CITY2 will instead sport a white jersey.

Wednesday night’s game will feature the CITY2 team taking on one of the elite teams in Germany, Bayer Leverkusen. CITY2 is the developmental team for the main CITY SC team.

“Today is a really cool day. It is a cool day for the St. Louis CITY SC, it is really cool for the City of St. Louis, and it is really cool for Purina,” said Moore.

CITYPARK seats 22,500 people and cost around $458 million to build. There are 28 suites and 32 pitch boxes. The pitch boxes are very close to the actual field or ‘pitch’ as it’s called in soccer lingo.