ST. LOUIS – The snow expected on Tuesday will be the first of the season to affect a busy weekday morning commute.

“As it starts coming down, we’ll put an appropriate treatment down, try to keep it off the roadways the best we can,” said Bob Becker, the district maintenance engineer for MoDOT’s St. Louis District.

MoDOT warns drivers that even a small amount of snow can cause slippery conditions, especially on elevated bridges and overpasses. The borderline temperatures will work in their favor, allowing the chemicals they put down to work effectively. The problem is the well-publicized plow driver shortage. They will focus on interstates and other major highways, leaving secondary roads for after the snow ends.

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“It will take us longer to clear the roadways after the storm ends. Please be patient give yourself plenty of room and allow extra drive time,” said Michelle Forneris, assistant district engineer. “This storm is anticipated to impact the AM rush, so check the MoDOT traveler information map for roadway conditions.”

Across the river, IDOT spent Monday pretreating roads.

“We hit 45 degrees today. There is a pretty good warmth on the ground. That’s why we treated those critical areas, those that are shaded, and your overpasses and bridges,” said Joe Monroe, operations engineer for IDOT’s District 8, which covers the Metro East. Those areas that will bottom out first overnight.”

Crews will work through the night to keep things clear. Illinois is also facing a plow driver shortage, but IDOT hopes to hit the pre-morning commute hard by bringing the day shift in early while night crews are still out on the roads. They have made their preparations and hope you have too.

“Plan for it. Make sure your car is ready. Make sure you are ready. Make sure you leave in plenty of time,” Monroe said. “Slow. If you get behind a plow, that’s a winner every day and twice on Sunday. Stay behind that plow. Don’t try to pass.”