ST. LOUIS – Bruce Springsteen and midnight eggs are part of a local tradition for a St. Louis family. Decades later, they still celebrate when the celebrity rolls through town.

Bruce Springsteen recently told BBC host Graham Norton an odd tale about a family he met in St. Louis back in the 1980s. The rock star was alone when he met two teenagers who recognized him and invited him to sit with them during a movie. They went to see Woody Allen’s “Stardust Memories.”

Rock musician Bruce Springsteen belts out his hit song “Born in the USA” before a sellout crowd as he kicks off his US tour in Washington, DC.

Springsteen said, “So I went and sat, and we watched the movie.”

Allen does not portray a positive impression of his fans in this film. Variety called the movie, “a truly mean-spirited picture.”

Springsteen reportedly watched the movie while seated between the siblings, according to mother Sophie Satanovsky. Steven then asked Bruce if he felt that way about his fans.

Springsteen told Norton, “I answered, ‘Well, not so much.'”

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After the movie, Bruce did not have enough money to take a taxi home. Steven and Lisa Satanovsky offered him a ride and a personal invitation to meet the rest of their family. 

Steven called his mother to tell her they were going to have a guest named Bruce Springsteen. She didn’t know who that was.

It was after 11 p.m. when they arrived at the front door of the Satanovsky home in St. Louis. Steven dashed to his bedroom and emerged with the record. He displays the album cover, and exclaims, “BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!”

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Springsteen says that Sophie Satanovsky asked him if he was hungry. She made him some eggs because she was surprised to see him there. Now, every time he visits St. Louis, according to Springsteen, he continues to see them.