ST. LOUIS — Some woke up this morning to the surprise of snow on the ground. 

The National Weather Service in St. Louis said that snow events can be hard for forecasting models. They said in this case, parts of the region saw 5 to 6 times more snow than what was forecasted.

Fox 2’s Meteorologist Chris Higgins said snowy weather can be hard to predict. This is why the snow wasn’t in the forecast for today is that 

“The math is always changing based on precipitation rate, location, and how ground temperatures may factor in,” said Higgins. 

He goes on to say that if this event happens during the day, it’s unlikely that the snowfall rates will be enough to cover the very warm ground. So most of the snow will melt as soon as it hits the ground.

As the day warms up, the ice on the roads should melt. Take extra precaution while driving on elevated roads and bridges.