KIRKWOOD, Mo. – The big temperature change is almost here, and this time it looks like the colder air will stick around.

As the sun set Thursday, the Veterans Memorial Walk in O’Fallon, Missouri, glimmered in the changing light. Veterans Day is Friday, and the arrival of gusty winds and much colder air won’t stop cities and towns from honoring those who have served. O’Fallon, Missouri, will host its annual ceremony starting at 11:00 a.m.

“We’ve been excited and happy with the weather all week, the warm up,” said Tony Michalka, communications director for the City of O’Fallon. “But, we are expecting fall to set in, it will be a little chillier tomorrow. “Please, just come out, dress warm, and we will be here to honor those who serve us.”

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In Kirkwood, the Summit All Season Market is closed for now, but will reopen for the holiday season on Nov. 19. They’ve been busy in the warmth, transforming the outside space into an indoor one. Now that the weather is turning colder, they’ll have a warmer space to work in while they fill it up. The market staff said colder temperatures do bring in holiday shoppers. They will find plenty of gifts and goodies, but they won’t find Christmas trees on opening day.

“We have great relationships with our farmers and we have our trees cut later so they are fresher,” said Zach Clark, market manager. “A good time to them is at the beginning of December. I’m ready for the cold, honestly. Unloading trees in the heat is torturous.”