MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Mo. – Four people are behind bars and another person is wanted in a rural Missouri investigation linked to a stolen vehicle and meth possession.

Authorities in Montgomery County have arrested Christopher E. Smith, 39; Rebbeca J. Craven, 28; Roy B. Staab, 38; and Cailtin M.E. Church, 31, in the investigation, while Bryan C. Locke, 34, is on the run.

The investigation began on Nov. 4 when a business owner of an auto repair shop inspected the vehicle and reported some suspicious information to police. Deputies checked surveillance video around the city of Middletown and determined the vehicle had been stolen. Police stopped the vehicle later that night, leading to the arrests of Smith and Craven. Investigators say Craven had an undisclosed amount of meth.

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In the following says, the investigation led authorities to the arrests of Staab and Church. When arrested, Staab was in possession of 15 pill capsules containing fentanyl and eight grams of meth. When Church was arrested, authorities also attempted to stop Locke, but he got away. Investigators say he left behind 53 pill capsules containing Fentanyl, two grams of meth, and other paraphernalia when he ran away.

According to the Montgomery Sheriff’s Office, the stolen vehicle was later spotted with many parts disassembled, likely an attempt to sell the parts.