ST. LOUIS – The call of three sick students at Northside Community Middle School led the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the St. Louis Fire Department to Midtown just before lunch on Thursday.

“A couple of students decided to bring edibles to school in a candy shape and form and share that with others,” said Doug Thanan, executive director of Northside Community School. “Fortunately, it was caught very early, and the students who were experiencing any kind of health issue were transported to the hospital to be taken care of. The students involved in the incident have been detained and are with the police at this point and our school leadership. The school has been searched, lockers searched, and everyone is safe.”

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The middle school is just next to the Fabulous Fox Theatre. It includes grades fifth through eighth. Thanan said the three students experienced symptoms of nausea.

“In a week when marijuana is legalized, and kids are seeing the celebrations on the news and social media,” Thanan said. “It raises a lot of interest, I guess, and what that’s all about. Unfortunately, they’ve found ways to get a hold of that. It’s unfortunate. We need our kids to know that they have to be really careful with what they’re eating and what it is.”

This school leader asked parents to be honest with their children.

“We take safety very seriously and jumped on this immediately to make sure that, fortunately, we didn’t have many students who were hurt,” Thanan said. “We make sure the kids are taken care of. But we really need parents to talk to their kids about the importance of being safe and not taking any kind of drug. Not ingesting things that they don’t know what they are.”