DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. — Mercy Hospital EMTs received an unusual challenge after arriving at the scene of a motor vehicle crash. The crew had to help out the driver, their pet kangaroo and their pet spider monkey.

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According to a Mercy Hospital EMS Facebook post, over the weekend the Dallas County crews helped out the driver, who had received minor injuries. However, the real challenge arose when the driver’s pets were clearly shaken and not in the mood to be separated from their caregiver.

“The monkey is pretty chill, but the kangaroo is probably going to be feisty,” said the patient to the crew.

EMS managed to keep the trio together while completing their evaluations.

“As a side note, the monkey remained pretty “chill” and was more than happy to hang out for some pictures. The kangaroo, not so much!” said the Facebook post.

Courtesy: Mercy Emergency Medical Services Facebook