ST. LOUIS – Due to the unseasonably warm temperatures on Wednesday, more people are spending time outside before the fall roller coaster arrives later this week.

The daylight hours are shorter, but it is not stopping anyone from spending time outdoors.

“We might be pushing it, hopefully, we don’t lose any discs, but who knows,” said Randy Vanderveen. “We’re going to try to enjoy it while it lasts.”

Vanderveen and his family spent the evening outdoors playing disc golf.

“When you feel the difference, and when you spend a day outside compared to spending a day in a dark room looking at your phone, it’s just night and day,” he said. “It’s completely different. I try to do that for myself, and I try to get my family involved in that as much as possible.”

Over at the Quarry golf course, many people had the same idea of spending time outside.

“Having a great time, you know when it’s 79 degrees in November, you’ve got to just get out and enjoy it,” said Dave Verhulst. “So out here with a bunch of buddies playing golf.”

Cold coming after strong Midwestern storms

“Oh, it was great. The wind was light. We had some good shots, had some bad shots, but overall, it was a lot of fun,” said Jim Bruns.

Verhulst and Bruns are part of a weekly golf group.

“Wednesday’s rain or shine, and today it’s the shine, and we’re all enjoying it,” Verhulst said.

They said the course was busy Wednesday with people looking to enjoy time outside.

“I think they must be pretty happy here at the course because it was pretty full,” Verhulst said. “Not that that slowed us down, we moved right around with no complaints, but I think they had a full house today.”

People out at Creve Coeur Lake said they are looking forward to enjoying another warm day on Thursday.

“If not on a course, I’ll be out on a driving range working to improve those fantastic shots that I rarely hit,” Bruns said.