HAZELWOOD, Mo. – A Hazelwood homeowner has been dealing with a muddy mess on his street every time it downpours.

It is all because of underground water troubles the city of Hazelwood was supposed to have fixed but did not. It has been a huge problem for Marvin Williams, who called FOX 2 for help.

“It’s caused a lot of problems with my car, the dust out here, mud, all that,” Williams said. “We pay too much tax money to have mud sitting in front of your house like that.”

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Williams said it was a problem the city was supposed to have fixed years ago, but now he is stuck with the same issue again.

Mud bubbles from beneath the street to the surface created a mess right in front of his home. After he contacted FOX 2, we reached out to Hazelwood City Manager Matt Zimmerman for assistance.

“Okay, we’ve done some research after this was brought to our attention, and the resident also brought it to our attention,” Zimmerman said. “We found there’s continuing to be some sub-surface drainage issue. We appreciate this being brought to our attention, and we are working on a temporary solution. We are going to do regular street sweeping to keep the dirt from accumulating, and we’re working as part of our spring of 23 program to fix that panel to stop the water from being under there and creating these types of problems.”

Zimmerman said the plan is to have the problem fixed. It will cost around $10,000.

Williams said he has dealt with the issue for a long time and wants it solved.

“They need to take care of this,” he said.