JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Eric Schmitt and Scott Fitzpatrick will soon vacate their current Missouri state offices after election wins Tuesday night.

Schmitt won the race to become Missouri’s next U.S. Senator and replace retiring Republican Roy Blunt. Fitzpatrick won the race to become Missouri’s next auditor and replace outgoing Democrat Nicole Galloway.

While campaigning for their newly-elected seats, Schmitt and Fitzpatrick had been serving as the attorney general and treasurer of Missouri respectively. That leaves two seats open among Missouri’s six political statewide offices.

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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson will have the opportunity to make appointments for both seats, which could give Missouri a Republican head at each of the six offices.

FOX 2 reached out to a spokesperson at Gov. Parson’s office Wednesday morning on the upcoming situation. His office provided the following statement:

“No details at this time have been released.”

Both of the positions would require interviews before the governor could officially make appointments. No timetables on possible appointments are available at this time.

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