CLAYTON, Mo. – Did you hear an alarm this morning? It appears that the monthly tornado siren test started earlier than expected. Officials say that there is no emergency.

“St. Louis County outdoor warning sirens were accidentally sounded this morning. There is no emergency. The regular monthly siren test will occur later this morning. Thank you,” tweets St. Louis County Police.

Tornado siren testing is scheduled in St. Louis County for the first Monday of each month at 11:00 a.m. To avoid confusion, the tests are sometimes canceled if there is unsettled weather in the area.

St. Louis County’s Outdoor Warning Sirens were accidentally sounded this morning during a test. There is no emergency. The monthly audible test is still scheduled for 11am today.

— St Louis County Office of Emergency Management (@StlCoOEM) November 7, 2022

This is not the first time the sirens have gone off unexpectedly. In March 2022, the sirens went off in St. Charles County. This caused some confusion in the area. Emergency management workers were doing a training exercise, and the alarms were supposed to be silent.