ST. LOUIS – As temperatures drop, expect to see frequent appearances of this seasonal creature.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, the brown ‘recluse’ spider dwells in our area often – particularly in quiet spaces such as woodlands, attics, and basement areas.

Being packed away in towels and various garments commonly result in a human bite. Humans don’t notice that they were bitten until hours later, when the bite starts to swell. The skin at the bite may blister days later, which will form a deep open wound that slowly heals and is susceptible to infection.

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Bites from brown recluses are almost never fatal, but can be disfiguring.

Also nicknamed the “violin spider,” the grayish, yellow, and brown crawler is identified by a violin-shaped patch on its broad. The legs of the spider are longer than the body, and the females are larger than the males.

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