HAZELWOOD, Mo. – Police arrested a registered sex offender Friday accused of violating state law and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween in Hazelwood.

Prosecutors have charged Thomas Sanderson with one count of “failure to comply with Halloween related restrictions for sex offenders.”

As part of Missouri state law, registered sex offenders cannot go outside to interact with children, cannot have outside lights on and are required to post a sign stating no candy or treats are available at the home on Halloween night.

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The Hazelwood Police Department received an anonymous tip that Sanderson had violated such orders on Halloween. According to a news release, when police arrived to the area, they noticed Sanderson setting up and interacting with an “extravagant” display. Surveillance footage later reviewed by police also showed Sanderson handing out treats to at least two children.

When police pulled up to the residence to contact Sanderson, he went out of site. Police later talked to the homeowner, who stated they were advised of the situation, though Sanderson had left to go to a store.

Police later returned home and spotted Sanderson involved in some activities. At an undisclosed time that night, Sanderson reportedly opened a window to yell and curse at officers.

The Hazelwood Police Department acquired a warrant Wednesday for Sanderson’s arrest and officially took him into custody Friday. He is being held at the St. Louis County Justice Center on a $25,000 cash-only bond.