LOUISIANA, Mo. – A mayor in Louisiana, Missouri faced possible discipline on Wednesday, two weeks after the chief of police was arrested on drug charges.

The council members voted to table the possible disciplinary actions for now, but the tension in the city is growing. Some residents said they do not trust their local government.

“The mayor was elected by the majority of the city, and we need to let him do his job,” said Seth Murry.

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Hundreds of people attended Wednesday’s meeting. Many said they want to know why their mayor is facing possible impeachment.

“I don’t know what they may have against Tim, but I don’t feel that he’s done anything wrong in office,” Murry said.

Council members met to go over complaints filed against Mayor Tim Carter.

“My job was to investigate the complaints filed by Embly and Turner and other matters that might be related or arise from that investigation and to report back to the board, the council,” said an attorney to the public during Wednesday’s meeting.

The first complaint against Carter is from a former police officer. The second complaint came from an officer who was recently put on leave following the police chief’s arrest on felony drug charges. Outside city hall, support for the mayor grew while the council held a closed session to discuss the complaints.

“The council has a right to look for any wrongdoing, and I hope they do their due diligence and see what evidence they are actually being presented with,” Carter said. “But I have a right to represent everyone here.”

Some residents discussed moving if the council goes forward with the disciplinary actions against the mayor.

“So, that right there says that this current council is not in it for the community,” Murry said. “That they’re in it for themselves and the rest of the community, you know our town might die if these people stay in power.”