ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis family will receive $6 million in an asbestos lawsuit against the Ford Motor Company.

A jury returned a verdict in the case Monday evening in the case filed on behalf of Linda
Behling, who died of mesothelioma in July 2019 at age 70.

Behling’s family filed suit against Ford and other companies later that year, alleging that her death was caused by years of exposure to asbestos while she and her husband worked at manufacturing companies in the Springfield, Missouri, area.

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The family’s lawyers argued at trial that Ford should be held responsible for Linda’s death, alleging the company failed to warn the public of asbestos in brake dust generated during brake repairs. Ford’s lawyers argued that Linda’s exposure was limited and that plaintiffs did not prove the company’s brakes contributed to her cancer or caused her death.

Ten of 12 jurors found in favor of Linda Behling after trial extended past two weeks in St. Louis Circuit Court. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Behling’s husband, son and daughter.