ST. LOUIS – Two armed men robbed and carjacked a St. Louis City deputy overnight near the Enterprise Center. The suspects took off with the deputy’s gun, and both are still at large.

Police say the victim is a 37-year-old deputy with the City of St. Louis Sheriff’s Office. He had recently left work and was in full uniform during the incident.

Investigators say the deputy experienced car troubles after work and parked it in the 1500 block of Clark Avenue awaiting a tow truck. Just after midnight, two armed men approached him and demanded the deputy to leave his car.

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When the deputy got out, police say the suspects tried to grab his weapon, which was secured by a holster. After a brief struggle, the two ended up with the deputy’s gun and cell phone. The two suspects then took off the deputy’s car, a 2011 Chevy Cruze.

No significant injuries were reported in the incident, despite the deputy’s car being stolen.

The suspects are described as between 15-20 years old, thin built and around 6 feet tall with dark-colored clothing. Additional information is limited at this time.