KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt leads Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine 51% to 39% in the latest FOX 2/Emerson College/The Hill poll.

Six percent of our respondents were still undecided on who they’re voting for in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. When we asked those undecideds who they were leaning toward, Schmitt’s lead extends to 14%.

“We really see this reflected in the favorability numbers,” Emerson College Polling Director of Survey Operations Isabel Holloway said Monday. “Since our last poll, Schmitt’s favorability has increased a couple of points. On the other hand, Busch Valentine’s favorability has decreased with her unfavorable rating going up since our last poll.”

The economy is by far the most important issue when voters go to the polls; 42% say that’s the most issue to them. Threats to democracy came in second at 16%. Abortion came in third at 14%.

“This issue tends to be more of a Republican issue and an issue that voters are trusting Republicans to handle more,” Holloway said.

When it comes to Missouri Amendment 3, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, 47% of the respondents plan to support the measure. Meanwhile, 39% plan to oppose it, and 14% are still unsure.

What Missouri’s constitutional amendments mean on Nov. 8 ballot

That’s a tightening margin, though, compared to our poll released a month ago where 48% of respondents supported it and 35% oppose it.

“More voters have definitely become aware of Amendment 3,” Holloway continued. “It seems like it’s an issue that resonates more with younger voters than older. Younger voters tend to be more in support of this amendment, but it doesn’t really trend to more electoral success in terms of the Democratic party.”

We asked Holloway what she meant by “electoral success.” She said Amendment 3 is not turning out new voters for the Democratic party who wouldn’t be voting in the midterms otherwise. She said voters are turning out more for the Missouri U.S. Senate race than they are the marijuana amendment right now.