ST. LOUIS – Many families are getting ready for Halloween on Monday.

Longtime Halloween store Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon is seeing a steady supply of St. Louisans seeking costumes for adults, children, or accessories.

“We have cute décor and kind of scary décor, and the cute sells for the trunk or treat. But it’s been a business that’s grown,” said Ed Brock, the owner of Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon. “Another trend has been witches for adults very popular the last few years, and it’s because of these witches’ night out parties.”

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Brock said he has seen Halloween trends come and go for four decades. The big ones this year, he said, are scary and silly masks, and DIY costumes that need accessories of every kind.

The National Retail Federation anticipates Halloween spending to reach $10.6 billion this year, exceeding 2021 of $10.1 billion. About 68% of consumers plan to participate in some Halloween celebrations.

“I was a little nervous with the economy,” Brock said. “You know prices were increased for us and we’ve had to pass that onto consumers, but people are still spending.”

He said customers have spent money on props for outdoor displays in their front yards.