ST. LOUIS — On Sunday, October, 23, St. Louis Police responded to the 4000 block of Broadway for a case of road rage that turned into a shooting.

Court documents state that the victim and the suspect, Corey Hargrave, 29, got into an argument. It took place at the intersection of 1-55 North and South Broadway.

The victim said he saw Hargrave, who was in another vehicle, honking at a third vehicle. The victim tried to tell Hargrave that the vehicle he was honking at was unoccupied.

The Hargrave then told the victim to “lose his attitude.” Hargrave left the scene following the argument. He then came back, demanded the victim hand over his gun, and shot the victim in the wrist. The victim said the verbal exchange took place when he was stopped in his vehicle.

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Hargrave admitted that he asked for the victim’s gun. But he said he did not have a gun, it was a taser. At no point did Hargrave admit that he had a gun or shot the victim.

The officer called to the scene saw that the victim was shot. A witness said that she saw the argument. Hargrave was in front of her house, honking the horn of his vehicle. She then went outside to see what was going on. He told her that he had been shot and asked her to hide the gun, which she did. That gun was later seized as evidence.

Hargrave was charged with Assault 1st degree and Armed Criminal Action.