ST. LOUIS — GoFundMe accounts were created to help support the victims of the school shootings. One is for the family of the 15-year-old victim and the other is for the school community. 

Kevin Quick launched a GoFundMe for Alexzendria Bell, a 15-year-old victim killed in the shooting.

Bell, was a student at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. She is remembered as a beautiful, talented, and charismatic young soul. 

Bell’s goal is $10,000, and so far, approximately $1,200 has been raised. To support Bell’s family, check out this link.

The next GoFundMe is for the Uvalde Foundation for Kids. This non-profit organization is working with the CVPA school staff and students. 

Daniel Chapin is raising donations to help the organization. The organization is extending its Crisis Response and Intervention Support Services to the CVPA community. 

To donate to this GoFundMe check out this link.