ST. LOUIS – The Great Go! St. Louis Halloween Race featured runners dressed in their best Halloween costumes.

Runners dressed as Wonder Woman, Jasmine, Superman, and Jack Sparrow all woke up early on Sunday and headed to Lion’s Park in Eureka, for the 13th annual Go! St. Louis Halloween Race.

“Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero,” Runner Christine Peterson said. “I’ve worn this a few times in the past.”

“My son – we base all our outfits around him, and he’s a tiger this year,” Runner Charis Audette shared. “So he’s Raja, so I’m Jasmine, and my husband’s Aladdin.”

Peterson and Audette are best friends and have been running together for some time.

“It’s kind of a friend thing that we do, and we do it when we can,” Audette said. “We haven’t been able to last a few years because of COVID unfortunately, but yeah. So we get to come back out and do this again.”

The race featured a full or half-marathon to run, and a 10K, 5K, and Fun Run.

President of the race Mona Vespa said it’s a fun way to stay healthy.

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“I mean, who doesn’t love Halloween? Dressing up, candy, costumes, it’s the best things. Also, be running and walking and being active while you’re at it,” Vespa said.

“Eureka hosted us for the first time last year, and it was awesome, and we’re thrilled to be back supporting these local businesses out on main street,” Go! St. Louis’ Ben Nordstrom explained.

Thousands of runners took part in the race this year.