ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The fall colors are running a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, at least compared to recent years. I saw some beautiful trees will at the Saint Louis Zoo yesterday. The trees in my neighborhood are starting to turn, and you can see in that orange color.

The St. Louis area has what’s called good color right now. Northern Missouri, much of northern Illinois, and around the Lake of The Ozarks are near peak fall colors.

You may want to take some time to enjoy the fall foliage. Take a drive on the Great River Road or just get out and enjoy those clear skies.

6 Missouri drives during fall to experience bright autumn colors

You will want to look up tonight. The International Space Station will be flying over the area tonight at 6:47 pm. That’s just about a half hour after sunset. It will move southwest to northeast and max elevation about 57 degrees. The flyover should last at least six minutes.

There will be a little bit of cloud cover trying to build in. But I think you’ll be able to find the space station about that same time.

We’ll also look for great planets in the eastern and southern sky. Jupiter and Saturn are a little farther apart than they were over the summer. But they are moving through the sky together tonight as well.