JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – Federal prosecutors have charged three more people in connection with a teen’s overdose death in Jefferson County last summer.

Steven Littler, 33, Jacqueline Williamson, 33, and Tanisha Payne, 22, all face criminal charges in connection with the death. Charges were officially filed against all three on Oct. 5.

The first suspect accused in the death, William Edward Martin, 21, of St. Louis County, was charged with one count of distributing a controlled substance in the case in July.

According to court documents, Martin reportedly provided fentanyl to a 19-year-old who died after an overdose. Investigators say Martin sold fentanyl to the teen when they met in a Walgreens parking lot in Arnold on the evening of June 23.

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Per court documents, surveillance video shows the victim getting into a BMW with Martin. A short time later, the video showed Martin reportedly dragging the teen out of the BMW and placing her in the backseat of her vehicle, where she then suffered a suspected fentanyl overdose. Police said the teen was found dead the next morning.

Investigators later discovered a safe in the suspected car containing suspected fentanyl, LSD, mushrooms, prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia. Martin was subsequently arrested by police.

Williamson pleaded not guilty to charges on Oct. 11. Littler pleaded not guilty on Oct. 6. Payne is expected to turn herself in this week.

Williamson faces charges of possession with the intent to distribute fentanyl, possession with the intention of dealing methamphetamine, and possession of a firearm in a drug crime.

Payne is charged with the conspiracy crime and a charge of possession with intent to deal fentanyl. Littler and Williamson also face charges for death resulting from an overdose and conspiracy.

Prosecutors want Littler and Williamson held in jail until trial. Investigators say Litter and Williams have supplied Martin with fentanyl on many occasions. This includes the fentanyl in the transaction that killed the teen.

Top Story: Driver dies after unidentified piece of metal hits windshield

Their distribution of fentanyl “presents a lethal threat to those purchasing drugs,” according to a motion filed in federal court. The motion alleges Williamson had a firearm on July 11, when law enforcement arrived at her home, and was using drugs. Drugs were also being prepared for sale in her home.

Court documents said Littler and Williamson were also caught after arrest with more drugs hidden on them. Williamson did not tell deputy U.S. Marshals about the drugs found at the federal courthouse after her arrest.

“Overdose deaths are the tragic consequence of someone’s greed and lack of regard for human life,” said Special Agent in Charge Michael A. Davis, head of DEA’s St. Louis Division. “With drug overdose deaths at historic highs, DEA will work relentlessly to destroy the criminal networks pouring dangerous drugs into our communities, so that they can longer cause harm to families.”

Because the victim died of illegally attained fentanyl, Martin could be facing a penalty of 20 years to life in prison if convicted.