ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The fall color show continues to advance ahead of the pace set the past several years. There is now some decent color starting to show up across much of the area, especially out near the Lake of the Ozarks up over northeast Missouri into northern Illinois.

We’re starting to see some pops of colors in the leaves in the St. Louis area. But, when will we see the peak for fall colors? The 2022 Smokey Mountains Fall Foliage Prediction Map says that the best times to take those fall drives is around November 7, 2022. Of course, the colors should be intensifying leading up to that date.

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“While no tool can be 100% accurate, this tool is meant to help travelers better time their trips to have the best opportunity of catching peak color each year,” writes the Smokey Mountains.

Much of Missouri is under a red flag warning. There are dry conditions throughout the state and firefighters are asking people to take notice. Be careful when lighting a fire because the windy, dry conditions could cause it to spread uncontrollably.

The dry conditions may hasten the arrival of peak fall colors in the St. Louis area.

“Because of the dryness, we probably will see a lot of trees drop their leaves pretty quickly. On the other hand, the cool evenings also helps the leaf coloration, so you think you kind of know, but Mother Nature has a mind of its own,” Thies Farms and Greenhouses owner Dave ThiesThies said.

Keep an eye out for those fall colors. They may be here sooner than you think.