ST. LOUIS – A new study measuring safety among dozens of US cities gives St. Louis a harsh ranking, last place.

WalletHub released its “2022’s Safest Cities in America” study earlier this week, and St. Louis finished with the worst rank among 182 cities measured.

A research team took factors like pandemic response, natural disasters, crime and traffic accidents into consideration. Cities received a score based on their rankings in home and community safety, natural-disaster risk and financial safety.

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“No one can avoid all danger, however, and we take on a certain level of risk based on where we choose to live. Some cities are simply better at protecting their residents from harm,” said the WalletHub study.

St. Louis finished with the lowest score of 42.81 in the study. It trails just behind Fort Lauderdale, Florida; San Bernardino, California; and Detroit, Michigan. Columbia, Maryland was recognized as the safest city with a score of 85.99.