ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A trunk-or-treat event in St. Charles is leading to a warning from the police department following a surprise find by the family of a 5-year-old child.

The family discovered a bag of Delta-8 edibles containing a warning label that reads, “Can cause intoxicating effects.” 

The product is sold over the counter and looks like gummy worms. Police turned to social media to ask, “Anyone finding anything suspicious in their child’s candy or has information that will aid in determining how this happened is asked to call us at 636-949-3300.”  

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Megan Edmondson attended the trunk-or-treat with her children. She said the news of the find, “kind of blew my mind.” 

The trunk-or-treat was held at JJ’s Car Show in St. Charles on Saturday, Oct. 8. The police have not found any evidence of malicious intent. 

“We went through the car show to everyone that was passing out candy, and we found no other instances of any types of edibles being passed out,” said Lt. Tom Wilkison, of the St. Charles Police Department. 

Wilkison said the case is a reminder for parents to check over any Halloween candy their children receive. 

“If you find some type of edible candy, let us know,” he said. “If you find open packages of candy, you certainly don’t want your child to eat something that’s already been open.”