BEL-RIDGE, Mo. – Police have issued a warrant against a man accused of firing shots and wrestling a man outside of the Bel-Ridge police station in north St. Louis County.

Deangelo Ford, 46, faces several felonies in connection with the investigation. Police say Ford had a criminal history of drugs, weapons and robbery convictions prior to the incident.

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Investigators say a man was walking up to the police station at an undisclosed time on Tuesday when Ford approached him and forced him into a hand rail. According to court documents obtained by FOX 2, Ford began wrestling with the victim on the ground, who tried to reach for a gun in his pocket. Later on, the victim took off with the gun, fired shots into the air and escaped from the parking lot.

Ford reportedly asked the victim about his identification several times, even though he was not known to the victim, per court documents.

Prosecutors have charged Ford with stealing, unlawful use of a weapon, unlwaful possession of a firearm and fourth-degree assault. Police issued a warrant for Ford’s arrest on Wednesday. A $60,000 bond has been ordered upon arrest.