WENTZVILLE, Mo. – Law enforcement in St. Charles County is reporting the arrest of suspected car thieves and the recovery of stolen vehicles.

St. Charles County police collaborated with Wentzville and O’Fallon authorities in the investigation.

Sgt. Jacob Schmidt, Wentzville Police Department, said one vehicle was stolen because it was unlocked with the keys left inside.

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“Spike strips were used on that vehicle to take that suspect into custody to get the vehicle back to the victim. So, we consider that a win,” he said.

On Monday, police arrested three suspects in the unincorporated St. Charles County area, and three vehicles were recovered.

“A couple of the vehicles end up wrecking,” Cpl. Barry Bayles, St. Charles County Police Department, said. “We apprehended three out of the four suspects and three stolen vehicles that day. So, this is absolutely a win. It’s something that we want people to understand that, if you come over and commit these crimes, not only will you be caught, but you will be arrested and charges brought against you.”

A Hyundai Sonata was recovered Wednesday morning by Wentzville police.

Police said they are using flock cameras to help them catch the car thieves. Wentzville police are reminding residents to lock their cars at the end of the day and to take garage door openers inside. 

“So at Wentzville Police Department, we have 15 flock cameras strategically placed throughout the city, so if a stolen vehicle comes into town,” Schmidt said. “A hit will go to dispatch, and dispatch will advise the officer to go to that area and look for that stolen vehicle.”