ST. LOUIS – People overseeing the Gateway Arch tell FOX 2 they still got they work cut out for them to get attendance back to pre-COVID levels. The Arch was among the many attractions shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s still a challenge getting visitors back.

In the year before the pandemic, park rangers counted 2,055,309 Arch visitors. Despite the 2020 shutdown, the Arch still recorded approximately 495,000 visitors.

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In 2021, attendance shot back up to 1,145,081 people. From June to July in this year alone – 1,104,500 visitors.

The public made a huge investment in a facelift for the Arch years before COVID hit.

Arch supporters raised some $409 million. About 58% of that ($250 million) came from private donations, with the remaining amount being supported by your tax dollars.

A lot of work was done to make the Arch more accessible and more attractive, including a renewed focus on 24-hour security, to keep everyone as safe as possible when visiting the city’s beloved attraction.