CLEVELAND, Mo. – Flying enthusiasts, this is an opportunity in rural Missouri you won’t want to miss.

A 59-acre property in Cass County hits the open market that includes an FAA-registered airport and many hangars that can be converted into homes.

Currently operating under the name of Bishop’s Landing, the airport is located in the 29000 block of Masterson Road in Cleveland, Missouri. It’s near the Missouri-Kansas border and about half an hour south of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The property is listed on behalf of Missouri Lakes Realty and Warsaw agent Susan Newman for nearly $890,000. That includes 59 acres of land divided up into six lots. Three other lots on the property are already owned.

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Newman tells FOX 2 that the opportunities are endless for the future owner.

“I kind of like to think of it as a subdivision that you can fly in and fly out,” said Newman. “It’s not just, ‘fly in, go get your car and go to your house.’ This is, ‘fly in and pull in to your hangar.’ It’s more or less just a community.”

The lucky spender can then decide to keep all six available lots to himself or herself, or try to get more people invested in the area. Each of the six available lots within the property have the opportunity for residential living and a hangar-style home.

“If you wanted to purchase the property, you could sell those off individually and have more people in this airport community. Or you can just keep it for yourself,” sais Newman.

One particular lot offers access to an orchard and a hangar already decorated with two furnaces, a bedroom, a kitchen, and more. Many lots offer easy access to a pond and wooded areas.

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Newman says the location is unique, offering both a country-style atmosphere and easy route to Kansas City and Overland Park.

“It’s got a good location to live in the country, but yet commute to the city, unless you just want to fly in and out,” said Newman. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. There’s not a comparable out there.”

Newman says the sellers are already weighing a few offers. The property has been on sale via for nearly one month. For more information on the property, click here or call Missouri Lake Realty at 660-438-6081.