ST. LOUIS – Five of America’s wealthiest people call Missouri home, according to a Forbes list.

The richest man in the state comes in on Forbes’ list at number 92. John Morris, 74, is the founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops. His net worth was listed at $7.8 billion.

St. Louis-based heiress Pauline MacMillan Keinath, 88, is believed to be the largest individual shareholder in the privately held food company Cargill. Her net worth came in at $7.3 billion, putting her at number 110 on the list.

Two men from the St. Louis area company World Wide Technology are on the list. David Steward is the founder and chairman of IT for the company. He came in at number 155 on Forbes’ list with a net worth of $6 billion. Jim Kavanuagh, the CEO of IT for the company, came in at number 303 with a net worth of $3.7 billion. WWT works in cloud computing, computer security, data centers, analytics, artificial intelligence, and more.

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Lastly, Rodger Riney & family came in at number 332 on the list with a net worth of $3.3 billion. He is the cofounder of the discount brokerage firm Scottrade. It is now a part of TD Ameritrade.

92. John Morris (Bass Pro Shops) – $7.8B
110. Pauline MacMillan Keinath (Cargill) – $7.3B
155. David Steward (World Wide Technology) – $6B
303. Jim Kavanaugh (World Wide Technology) – $3.7B
332. Rodger Riney & Family (Scottrade) – $3.3B

Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla and SpaceX, ranked as the wealthiest person in the U.S. this year, edging out Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.